Greenvillle Capital delivers to each client a customized, diversified investment portfolio based on their individual risk profile and investment objectives.

Our investment research, portfolio construction, and performance monitoring processes are led by a team of highly skilled, experienced Chartered Financial Analysts. Portfolios are strategically constructed using institutionally priced investment solutions.  This strategic management style insures that each client has a well-diversified portfolio to match their specific risk tolerance.

In order to determine an appropriate portfolio recommendation, Greenville Capital will create a risk profile to get a clear understanding of a client’s optimal level of risk, including the correct combination of the following:

  • Risk Capacity – the degree of risk a client can afford to take.
  • Risk Tolerance – the amount of risk client is willing to take.
  • Risk Required – the amount of risk a client needs to take to accomplish their goals

What does this mean for you?

You get the reassurance that your portfolio has been designed according to your individual risk tolerance and that Greenville Capital will be vigilant in maintaining its health.

Have a question for us?

Our goal is to establish long term trusted relationships with our clients. Please contact us to determine if we are a good fit for each other.